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Water Treatment

At Trantec Solids Handling, we manufacture an extensive range of handling equipment for metering, dosing, weighing, and conveying bulk solids, from plastic and food to chemicals in powder, pellet, gain, and flake forms. Our equipment is installed across the globe in many industries, including the water and wastewater sectors, to help treat the level of chemicals and other elements affecting our water quality.

Humans have always relied on water. However, Nowadays, it is water that relies on humans. Environmental experts have worked together throughout the past century to help tackle significant societal and industrial water treatment problems and have found solutions to challenge these issues. Safe, sustainable chemicals are needed to help sustain the current water and wastewater treatment levels and contribute a vital role in our everyday lives. 

The availability of clean water plays a significant part in developing thriving, healthy societies, as drinking water is used to produce food, pharmaceuticals and other essential products. Access to safe, clean water is essential for all life on Earth. Without water, we can’t survive. Some applications also require a higher water purity level than drinking water; therefore, additional treatment stages are needed. To ensure our drinking water is safe, the technical process is governed by strict protocols and conducted at a specialist water treatment works (WTW). Strict protocols also govern the wastewater cleaning process; the underground sewer networks collect the water waste and transport it to undergo treatment at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), where it must achieve regulatory discharge limits before the water can be released into a body of water.

Water treatment, especially with recycling in the modern era, is an important issue to ensure people’s quality of life now and for the future. Water and wastewater treatment in today’s environment is a huge task with the weather conditions, challenges and regulations and can be very different, treatment plants around the world use comparable processes and procedures to combat the range of chemicals used in today’s society and also to continue to improve drinking water quality. This requires increasingly modern and effective processes which at the same time be implemented and used as economically as possible. We at Trantec Solids Handling Limited support and strive to give the Water and Wastewater industry equipment to assist in overcoming these challenges with metering and dosing solutions that are as reliable as they are innovative.

How can Trantec help?

Trantec can assist by supplying FIBC bulk bag dischargers and sack tip stations designed to unload chemicals into the water and water waste treatment process. For extra safety and to prevent chemicals that tend to become airborne from entering the facility atmosphere, we manufacture our dischargers with an optional integrated screen and hooded sack tip stations with an interlocking safety door. Both pieces of equipment are fully integrable with flexible screw conveyors, which then come into play by elevating the material into a metering screw feeder that provides accurate dosing in a controlled manner into the water treatment stream. 

Recently we supplied a metering screw feeder to a client in the water waste sector. They returned to us with feedback about how robust the feeder’s build was and how easy it was to dismantle and clean compared to other brands they had used previously. The screw feeder was used to dose activated carbon into the water treatment process.

At Trantec, we strive to enable treatment plants to operate in the most environmental way. If you require more information regarding our metering, dosing and conveying equipment, please email a member of our team at  or give us a call on 01282 777566.


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