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What Is A Volumetric Screw Feeder?

Our expertise in the screw feeder equipment has enabled us to design and manufacture Volumetric screw feeders. This article will examine the benefits of these machines as they are useful for many different industries.

What is the definition of a Volumetric Screw Feeder?

A Volumetric powder feeder is a feeder that is specifically designed to process dry solid material. These are also sometimes known as metering feeders and can provide feed rates with accuracies to +1% by volume or +3% by weight. Volumetric feeders are generally open-loop devices and have a set-speed device, fed by volume only. In most cases, this type of feeder type involves Augers/Helix. A volumetric feeder, therefore,  is one that offers a low-cost solution for feeding materials. If feeding accuracy is not as important then this is often preferred.

How does it work?

Volumetric feeders work by metering a constant volume per time by controlling the speed of the feeding device. So for example, in the case of a screw feeder machine, this would include configuring the speed of the feeder. Where accuracy is not the main issue this function does not have a bearing on materials with consistent bulk density.

What type of materials is suitable for Volumetric feeders?

The most common type of materials that are suited for these applications is free-flowing materials.

  • Wood pellets
  • starch
  • sawdust
  • chips
  • powders
  • flakes
  • granules

For materials that require a low degree of accuracy, these type of feeders are preferred, especially when it comes to batch processes.

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gravimetric feeders
What industries use these machines?

Volumetric feeders are used in a lot of industries worldwide. These range from Chemicals, Food, Plastics and Pharmaceutical. The main benefit of using this type of screw feeder is that it requires minimal mechanical and electrical skills. On top of that, Volumetric feeders are less costly than Gravimetric feeders.

Which feeder is the best option?

If you are deciding as to whether to use a Gravimetric feeder or a Volumetric then this all depends on your requirements and what you aim to achieve.

Generally, if you require accurate dosing of dry solids then this type of feeder is the best option. Furthermore, in some cases, moisture and high-temperature conditions can have a direct impact on processing materials and therefore, the only option is to use a Volumetric Powder Feeder.

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