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Trantec Screw Feeder Systems

Trantec Solids Handling is a leading provider of powder handling equipment to the bulk solids industry, across many sectors. Within the last few years, Trantec has introduced innovative technology to the bulk solids industry to the food and pharmaceutical sector, with great success where it has established as a proven and effective method to dose material. Trantec’s screw feeder systems can be reassembled and assembled within 5 minutes.

Trantec’s machines consist of quick and easy ‘add-on’ components, with a range of different motors. The motors range from AC 3 phase as standard or DC motors for slower speed capabilities. To achieve maximum accuracy and precision control Servo motors are used. One eye-catching features are the stainless-steel polishes and finishes – from simple welds to mirror finishing.

Since time is of the essence Trantec screw feeders have quick-release, easy-clean features when dismantling the machine. This helps to reduce downtime and provides a quick way of cleaning the feeders. Aside from the range of motors, the feeders have a range of storage capacities, providing both manual or automatic refill options.

Whereby precision and feed accuracy takes centre stage, Gravimetric controls can be installed, with both batching and continuous loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight configurations.

Trantec is also able to customise your machine so it suits your material properties. For this reason, and independent driven product agitator is used.

For more information on Trantec’s different feeders then please call 01282 777566 or visit www.trantec.net.



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