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Trantec Volumetric Feeder

Trantec Volumetric Feeder

Employing the latest Feeding and Powder Dosing Technology, Trantec’s range of Metering Feeders are designed to offer accurate doses of dry bulk solids and powders.

Modular in design, our latest range of Feeders offer true solutions manufactured to suit your process, with add-on features available in the design process. Combined with robust machinery, utilising the latest equipment and drives, along with our in-house CNC machined components, and high levels of accuracy are achieved without hassle.

Volumetric Feeding

Accurate throughputs of dry bulk solids and ingredients are accomplished through a volumetric operation. A Volumetric Feeder will generally consist of a Metering Auger (Screw, Spiral, Helix) and an agitation device if the material does not possess free-flowing characteristics. Feed rates are constant and relatively unchanged, providing that the bulk density is consistent and the Conditioning Zone (also known as a Hopper or Conditioning Chamber) is filled as a constant.

Often, the Metering Feeder will be designed around the Auger specifications to allow a reliable flow that correlates with the rest of the systems build properties.

Typical Areas of Application

Trantec Feeders are in operation worldwide, and currently, serve the following industries with materials handling solutions:

  • Food, Drinks, & Confectionery.
  • Seasoning & Flavouring.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Animal & Pet Food.
  • Environmental. (Includes; water treatment & flue-gas desulfurization).
  • Nonwovens.
  • Plastics.
  • Chemical (including; raw chemicals, detergents, pigments, etc.).


  • Robust in construction.
  • Modular in design.
  • Flexible and proven powder dosing technology.
  • Hygienic construction is available with a variety of finishes.
  • Can be adapted to operate with existing process equipment/machinery.
  • Expandable capacities.
  • Accurate +/- 0.5%.
  • Compact/Micro Feeders available.

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