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Gravimetric Or Volumetric Feeders

Trantec – Leading the way in screw feeder manufacturing

Trantec offers the perfect solutions for your industry when it comes to selecting the right metering screw feeder for your business. Industries are already benefiting by using Trantec screw feeders. Over the last 20 years, Trantec has significantly extended its range of feeders through product development and innovation. Of particular note is Trantec’s M’Series range of high-quality stainless-steel feeders which include quick and easy configuration add-on components.

Trantec’s M’Series range of feeders is an innovative solution that is designed to provide optimum control and include a range of different quick release/easy clean features. The M’series feeders also comprise of specially dry running food grade shaft seals and a selection of stainless polish finishes.

Selecting the type of feeders is always a challenge. For this reason, Trantec is able to provide you with Gravimetric or Volumetric screw feeders. Volumetric feeders are cost effective and dose material according to the space/volume the material occupies. The rate at which the material is discharged is controlled by the feeder speed, which is operated by the operator.

A key aspect of volumetric feeders is that they can discharge rates under certain circumstances and are therefore, immune to humidity and temperature conditions. To improve the process control, Trantec has optional devices that can be added to these feeders.

Gravimetric Feeders, on the other hand, give a precise feed rate from 0.5% to 1%. The main benefit is that you know exactly how much material (by weight), is being used. The main determining factor, when selecting a feeder is dependable on the accuracy level required for your application.

If you are after a constant reliable flow of material, then the less expensive volumetric feeder may be the best option. However, for precise metering it is best to use Gravimetric feeders for advanced controls and better accuracy.

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