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Modular Design Feeders

Introducing Modular Design


Trantec’s new approach to Feeder design adds a breath of fresh air to Materials Handling, offering a range of add-ons and upgrades that we call ‘modules’.

What is a Modular Design? 

Modular design, or modularity in design, subdivides a system into key parts. Trantec has taken our proven metering technology and produced a core “module” of feed Auger and product conditioning. Around the core module, we build add-on modules which enhance performance and speed operational necessities like cleaning and maintenance.

Through extensive market research, Trantec took a thorough look at existing powder dosing machinery offered by most OEMs and suppliers in today’s Bulk Solids Industry. Based on our research, our findings confirmed that most equipments supplied was part of a set range, without the option of customisation.

Continuous development and innovation combined with customer feedback, lead Trantec to take a different approach to Materials Handling Equipment. Whether through customer relationship programs or surveys, Trantec solicited customer opinions and suggestions to tell us exactly what our customers sought out.

Fabricated Augers were our starting point, due to their inaccuracy and antiquated design, which were discontinued where possible in favour of precision machined Augers. Utilising the latest machine tooling technology, Trantec opted for complete, solid Augers for the many benefits involved, such as:

  • High levels of accuracy on outputs.
  • Easily repeatable – Once we have created your first Auger, your design is stored in our database, ready for repeat orders.
  • It is manufactured within tight tolerances.
  • Easy to finish/polish – quick production.
  • Due to lack of welding, the Auger does not suffer from stresses of heat, giving you a stronger, longer-lasting Auger.

Our latest offering is a series of Base Module Metering Feeders with the ability to ‘upgrade’, adding the latest features and innovations. Our aim is to truly offer solutions that fit their purpose, and of course, your application!



AC Motors: With the use of an AC motor, the AC current can be transformed. Due to its simplistic design and fewer moving parts than that of a DC motor, AC motors are considered both easier and cheaper to maintain. Designed for higher RPMs that require less drive accuracy.


DC Motors: Trantec supply brushed DC motors as a stock option. Simple in construction, and in many cases, will not require a controller. Where controllers are necessary, they are generally simple and inexpensive in design, along with the DC motor itself. Control of speed is simple (the higher the armature voltage, the faster the rotation will be), and linear in relationship to the motors maximum speed. Reliable control at higher RPMs. For maintaining lower speeds, see Servo Motors.


Servo Motors: Relatively small in size, servo motors possess larger amounts of torque than that of a standard DC motor. By operating Auger position sensors, excellent levels of accuracy are easily achieved and maintained. Using an internal control circuit, the position of the output shaft is determined, resulting in a consistent, steady RPM, were at slower or faster speeds. Servo motors are renowned for their versatility, optimum performance, and outstanding quality. Ensure optimal performance with the use of the motors control and drive system, adopting the module to suit your application thoroughly.


Stepper Motors: As a low-cost alternative to servo motors, stepper motors are also able to achieve high torque at start-up and maintain low speeds of rotation. Its simplistic construction means that the motor is low-maintenance, although they are considered to have high reliability. This robust type of motor is known for its versatility to work in almost any environment, giving you the peace of mind that operation is hassle-free.


Stainless Motors: Offering a full hygienic and sanitary solution, stainless steel motors are a popular choice for the food and pharmaceutical process/manufacturing industries. Cleanliness is guaranteed, combined with their reliability and long lifespan. Stainless motors are considered easy to clean, significantly reducing downtime and, more importantly, interruption to your production line.

Cartridge Shaft Seals

Introducing our latest modernisation, Trantec Cartridge Shaft Seals are a seal manufactured entirely from GFPTFE (Glass-Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene), and ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications due to being an FDA approved plastic material. Specially designed to be easy to change, and to be run dry in contact with bulk solids. Devised by Trantec and manufactured in-house means that we can assure maximum quality and control of manufacture. Benefits include: High chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, high UV resistance, low flammability, can resist both low and high temperatures, and carries good electrical properties.

Agitation Modules

Trantec offers a range of different Agitator blades to suit all applications.

Agitator Speed Control Module

Trantec Agitators are independently driven using a separate gearbox and motor configuration. Speed control of agitation is achievable, allowing the degree to be varied, preventing over-agitation of material.

Gearbox Modules

Allow increased dynamic range by changing the gearbox ratio.

Level Detection Modules


Prevent the risk of running your machine empty by introducing a level detection probe. Once material passes the level sensor, high, low no feed, empty, and overfill probes are available.

Sack Tip Module


Add a Sack Tip hood, and manual or automatic keg tip, for added ease when filling your machine with the material.

Easy-Clean Module


Strip your machine down in minutes, without the need for any tools. With added quick-release, you can have your machine washed-down and back up and running without much interruption to your manufacturing process.

Metal Detectable Gaskets


An excellent choice for food applications, Trantec’s Metal Detectable Gaskets can be detected by detectors, which can be fitted to processing lines for safety in the event of particles being eroded from the gasket. Any particles would be identifiable, allowing your process to be quickly stopped for segregation of any contaminants.

Adding a metal detectable silicone gasket not only increases safety, but also reduces downtime, costs, and loss of product (from contaminants).

Integrated Control Systems

Weight control systems, including Gravimetric configurations such as Loss in Weight, with an integrated Load Cell base. Accurately control and weigh output of products as a continuous process, or for batching purposes.

Integrated Weigh Base Module

With an Integrated Weighing System, specifically designed with your application in mind, fast and accurate weights are provided. Weight signals closely oversee the discharge of powder from the Feeder, which will also monitor feed rates so that any variations in bulk density and material flow can be compensated for.

Trantec manufactures our weigh bases using Load Cells with an IP rating of IP68, with classes of C3 available off-the-shelf, and C4 sales-to-order.

Gravimetric Module

Ensure precise flow rates with the integration of a weigh base and Gravimetric control system module. High accuracy is easily achievable, allowing materials to be distributed consistently. Continuous weighing and rate-control batching can be accomplished.

Loss in Weight or Gain in Weight Module

Loss in Weight: Control the output of solids at a constant rate, or as Loss-in-Weight batches, whether as one material type or multiple simultaneously. The decrease in content from the Conditioning Zone will be closely monitored by an integrated weigh base. The control system will then adjust feed rates to compensate for flow-loss once the material weight starts to decrease.

Gain in Weight: For small batches that require high levels of accuracy, a Gain-in-Weight system will measure the weight of the product that enters the Conditioning Zone (also known as a Hopper or Conditioning Chamber), but can only weigh one material at a time. Particularly a keen choice for the Pharmaceutical industry, which require maximum accuracy throughputs.

The Trantec Way

All Trantec Augers are completely interchangeable across Feeder types and sizes, along with commonality of components, allowing for easy upgrades where necessary, or for alterations to existing process lines.

Trantec opts for the standard off-the-shelf components where possible, rather than proprietary, unorthodox gearboxes and drive trains, allowing spares to be obtained easily via ourselves, or available from many other sources.

Weld Finish

Trantec utilises the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing, with key components made in-house on our own CNC equipment, investing in the latest CNC Machining Centre and Lathe. We aim to move away from the traditional fabricated “craft” type of manufacture. Machine tooling offers improved accuracy and allows more robust components to be produced, which can withstand heavy handling/miss handling (i.e. dropping, falling, etc.).

Modular Metering Feeders Explained

In its simplest form, we take our proven Metering Screw Feeder technology and add bolt-on enhancements at your request, allowing complete control to the customer for customisation.

Although a straightforward idea, this facility is rarely offered in our industry. Most OEMs and suppliers fall into one of two sectors:

  1. A fixed machine profile and features set, usually offered at competitive prices since such machines can be mass-produced, but offer limited expansion.
  2. A fully customisable machine, built-to-order which can include specially manufactured features, though often high in cost and carry lengthy delivery timescales.

Trantec already offers both types 1 and 2 of the above solutions as part of our Feeder range, but we set out to take the middle ground and give our customers a third option.

Using over two decades worth of knowledge and experience, we have produced a series of Metering Feeders which have, at their roots, proven powder dosing technology, but can be “enhanced” quickly, and efficiently. This creates an obvious cost-saving, making our approach attractive when budgets are tight.

For example, our “Easy-Clean Module” allows machines to be stripped down to their base parts in minutes without tools. Key contact parts can be removed entirely for off-site cleaning.


Another example is our “Exchange Module”, where key parts are duplicated for immediate re-fitting. The Feeder can be back up and running in minutes with a completely different product.


For further details concerning our new Modular Range of Metering Feeders, get in touch today on 01282 777566, or alternatively, you can email us directly via our Contact Us page.

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