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The Power Of The M-Series Screw Feeder

The latest powder metering technology

The M’ Series Trantec screw feeder represents the latest powder metering technology, developed by Trantec without compromise to quality and build. The new M’ Series screw feeder consists of a feeder body, a rotating agitator and variable control functions. The function of the agitator is to break any bridges that may form in the screw feeder.

For accurate metering at a constant volume, the product is administered into an auger screw, which can be rotated at variable speeds. The M’ Series Trantec screw feeder is modular in design and allows quick and easy configuration. This is further illustrated by allowing clients to request for additional features.

Under the theme of ‘innovation,’ Trantec has developed the ‘M-Series’ screw feeder with the sole aim of meeting the needs of their customer. This is further evident by incorporating quick-release, easy-clean features in their screw feeder that saves time and effort when it comes to dismantling your machine; thus, reducing downtime.

Another eye-catching feature of Trantec’s powder feeder is the 100% food compatible, dry running shaft seals that are easy to replace. As well as the standard functionality offered by the M’ Series screw feeder, a selection of stainless polishes and finishes are offered and also a different range of storage capacities have been added.

Trantec Solids Handling offers a FREE, comprehensive product testing service to all our clients. Upon completion of this, Trantec will detail their findings and recommendations into a report. If you would like to enquire on any of our range of different screw feeders then call now on 01282 777566. Our team will assist you in making the right decision and find a suitable solution that meets your objectives.


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