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Single Screw Feeders

Single Screw Feeders


Metering Feeders – Single Screw: 

At Trantec, we design and manufacture Metering Screw Feeders (also known as Volumetric Feeders, Auger Feeders, Metering Feeders – just to name a few!).

We understand that it is just as important for the machine to suit the application as it is when selecting bulk handling equipment, so we offer tailored solutions and customisations upon request.

Single Screw Feeder:

Our Single Screw Feeders are best suited for your free-flowing materials, such as granular solids (pellets, powders, grains, etc.) due to its simplistic design. This particular product is designed to meter all materials at a constant, accurate and controllable rate.

Parts Included: 

  • Hopper – also known as a Conditioning Chamber or Trough.
  • A Slow Rotation Agitator.
  • An Auger – or Screw.
  • Variable control settings – control to suit your application.

Agitator Specification: 

  • A Ribbon Flight Agitator – Used to continually sweep the internal surfaces, which in turn will eliminate bridging materials.
  • Separate geared motor drive – the Agitator is controlled via its own motor. 

Other flights and variations are available upon request, depending on the specification of your product.

Equipment Features: 

  • Right-angle geared motor.
  • The motor is suitable for inverter use, where necessary. 
  • Two motors are provided – Separate motors for both the Auger and the Agitator, allowing full control. 

Performance/Key Features: 

  • Modular in design. 
  • Up to +/- 0.5% in accuracy.
  • Robust in design. 
  • Interlock switches option is available – Quick release makes it easier to strip down and clean!

Materials that We Use:

Our machines are all FDA approved and are available in a number of finishes. With a choice of Carbon Steel and 304 or 316 Stainless Steel, we are able to design to suit your product properties.


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