Seasoning & Flavouring Industry

How Trantec Serves The Seasoning & Flavouring Industry

We have served the seasoning and flavouring industry for over two decades now and have clients around the globe to which we continue to provide a range of equipment. 

Trantec screw feeder range provides the ultimate solution for the seasoning industry. Our metering feeders are constructed from materials that meet all EC and FDA food contact regulations and are equipped with easy-to-clean, quick-release features which promote non-problematic cleaning and drastically reduce downtime to under ten minutes.

Trantec understands your needs

Trantec understands the demands of quick flavour changes and can provide the right equipment to prevent cross-contamination by redesigning your Augers to improve their cleanability. As snack foods often present a wide variety of seasoning challenges and flavourings used in the production of snack foods (such as popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, tortilla chips, etc.) may vary in flow and feed characteristics, Trantec provides a free Product Testing & Evaluation Service to confirm the suitability of the auger with your product. Our clients can witness the trials first-hand, or alternatively, we will email a video of the test along with a copy of the report. For more information about our seasoning augers please visit our Augers UK website. 

Materials Handled

Powders, Flakes, Granules (including; wheat, rice, oats, corn, and barley), Pellets, Puffed cereals, Flaked cereals, Puffed snacks, Ingredients, Seasonings/flavourings.