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How does Trantec Serve the Seasoning & Flavouring Industry

For over two decades, we have been serving the seasoning and flavouring industry, with clients based around the globe, to which we continue to provide a range of equipment too, including screw feeders, flexible conveyors, auger screws, and more. 

Our screw feeder range provides the ultimate metering solution for the seasoning industry. Constructed from stainless steel 304 or 316 and materials that meet all EC and FDA food contact regulations, Trantec screw feeders are built to the utmost of standards. They are equipped with metal-detectable silicone gaskets alongside easy-to-clean, quick-release features that enable rapid, non-problematic cleaning of our equipment, drastically reducing downtime to under ten minutes. In addition, all key elements of our feeders are autoclave friendly, from the feeder body to the agitator, auger screw and seals, to ensure a contamination-free process.

Stainless Steel Augers

At Trantec, our auger screws are designed in a wide range of configurations, depending on the material being handled. Whether you are purchasing a bespoke or stand-alone auger or a metering feeder system, we provide a free Product Testing & Evaluation Service to confirm which auger is recommended, as snack foods flavourings used in the production of snack foods, such as popcorn, pretzels, and peanuts, can vary in flow and feed characteristics. 

When the testing is complete, we will email a video of the test along with a copy of the report; alternatively, our clients are welcome to come and witness the trials first-hand. For more information about our seasoning augers, please visit Augers UK, which is a division of Trantec that specialises in the design and manufacturing of Augers and spirals.

Flexible Spiral/Screw Conveyors

Flexible screw conveyors are also extremely popular within the food and seasoning industries due to their simple, reliable and all-around versatile design. Available stationary or mobile, Trantec conveyors are supplied crevice-free with a polished finish (where applicable) to ensure a contamination-free processing line. Other benefits include high impact and stress resistance UHMWPE tubing, which is easy-to-clean due to its super smooth finish inside and out. Alongside its stainless steel spiral, which promotes genital handling of materials, making flexible conveyors a number one choice when transporting bulk solids. In Addition, with flexible conveyors consisting of only one moving part, the spiral auger, also known as the pigtail screw, means they are relatively low-cost and low-maintenance.

However, as previously mentioned, due to food flavourings having different feed characteristics, we may require product testing to ensure the correct spiral type is supplied. At Trantec, we supply several variations of spiral augers, depending on the characteristics of the material. Round section, flat section, centre core, bevelled edge or square.


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