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Archimedes Legacy sustained by Trantec

Helical screws have been around for over 2,200 years, at least since this famous Greek Engineer used them to lift water from the hold of King Heiro’s ships in Syracuse. They are still extensively employed for handling liquids in the irrigation and sewage industries and in large kilns and rotary driers. Their first recorded use in industry for handling solids was by Evans, in 1785, in an automated flour mill in Pennsylvania. The growing popularity of screws led to the continuous production of screw flighting, as shown in a patent by Frank Caldwell in 1894.

Screw conveyors developed as a workhouse for short-distance transfer in virtually all industries handling bulk material. Elevating by screw involved more application factors so is not so widespread although flexible screw conveyors are utilised for a wide range of conveying and elevating duties

Trantec’s screw feeders, for both dispensing powders at a controlled rate and the discharge of bulk storage hoppers, have become increasingly sophisticated. The former, by developments in weighing and control equipment and the latter by virtue of their integration with hopper design, for the generation of optimum flow regimes. The technology of bulk storage has advanced considerably in recent years and the balancing demands of capacity with the reliable discharge of product in a suitable state call for a unified design for the holding vessel and its discharge mechanism.

The different material handling mechanisms of screw conveyors, feeders and elevators are also exploited in many ways to create processing devices, such as heat transfer, compacting, pre-breaking, cryogenic cooling, dewatering, screening, dust conditioning, mixing, provide pressure barriers and other operations of high efficiency. Multi-function duties can often be accommodated within a single machine of compound design. The list is almost endless, showing that the ingenuity of engineers is far from exhausted when considering new ways to handle bulk materials. A recent invention turned the conventional method of screw elevation inside out by keeping the screw stationary and rotating the casing. This novel approach brings numerous operating advantages and overcomes some inherent limitations of standard screw elevators.

The bulk solids industry is well served by companies, such as Trantec that offer standard screws for conveying and feeding duties and specialised suppliers that product custom built items to meet demanding tasks where the performance considerations warrant special attention. Trantec has become a leading screw feeder manufacturer and has incorporated their innovative strategies to build a foundation of solutions for its customers.

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