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What Is Meant By A Screw Feeder Hopper?

 A Screw Feeder Hopper is exactly how it sounds! Although, it is not exactly a grasshopper the comparisons are not surprising. If you want a cost-effective way of saving space then this is the ideal solution. A screw feeder hopper acts as a temporary storage method for materials and can usually be customised so that it fits straight into your powder feeder or flexible screw conveyor.

Most metering feeders are usually fed from hoppers or silos. In terms of a visual representation of a hopper they usually are in the form of a rectangular shape with a sloped bottom and limited storage capacity. The difference between a bin is silo is that a bin is similar to the hopper but has much larger storage capacity. The latter also has a large capacity and is cylindrical in shape.

Trantec hoppers are usually manufactured in stainless steel material. All our Metering feeders are modular in design and are able to accomodate different type of materials. For this reason, our hoppers are built that are fit for purpose. For more information on how we can help you then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01282 777566.


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