Sack tip stations

Sack tip station

Trantec Solids Handling Limited – Supporting industries with Sack Tip Stations for Powders and Granules.

Trantec Solids Handling Limited has continually supplied sack tip stations across various industries throughout the covid-19 pandemic. Our sack tip stations are diverse in design, manufactured stand-alone or with screw conveyors and metering feeder systems. Regularly, we have been turning around all types of sack tip station configurations, suitable for dusty and non-dusty materials. We at Trantec offer a first-class professional service and strive to work quickly in providing equipment to help industries in their production.

From Plastics to Pharmaceutical, our company is here to help.

Over recent months Trantec Solids Handling Limited has helped various ‘’blue chip’’ companies and small businesses with their manufacturing capability. Our equipment is key to adding numerous ingredients to multiple processes. Trantec sack tip stations are an essential feature in quickly adding a diverse range of materials to countless everyday products.

Trantec Solids Handling Limited offer a complete range of Flexible Screw Conveyors and Metering Feeders for powders and materials of all descriptions. For more information on our Flexible Screw Conveyors visit

All feeders require augers of various sizes and profiles, Trantec supplies all types of augers at our ‘ in-house’ manufacturing facility at low cost and very quickly, which gives us credibility in the marketplace.

If you require assistance on any conveying or feeding applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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