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Hygenic Solutions
For stringent hygiene standards

At a glance..

Precise Feeding – Provides accurate and consistent feed rates with minimal powder retention, ensuring precise material control and maintaining product quality and consistency.

Easy to clean, crevice-free design –  The ability to quickly and easily access internal components makes cleaning more efficient, minimising downtime, ensures better hygiene, reducing the risk of contamination.

Simplified Maintenance –  The quick-release mechanism ensures faster, tool-free, and less labour-intensive maintenance, boosting overall productivity and efficiency. 

Hygienic Design- Constructed from food-contact-approved materials, featuring smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces and minimal crevices to meet stringent hygiene standards and reduce the risk of contamination to offer the ultimate hygienic solution. 

Reduced Downtime – The quick-release mechanism allows for faster disassembly and reassembly, minimising downtime during maintenance and cleaning, minimising downtime to minuets. 

Versatility – Can handle a wide range of materials, suitable for many types of applications and industries, including food, pharmaceutical and chemical. 

Hygienic Metering Screw Feeder

From seasonings to calcium carbonate and a wide range of other bulk solids, Trantec is committed to providing you with machinery that meets your specific operational requirements.

With twenty-five years of experience in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, we leverage our extensive knowledge of powder metering, food safety, and the latest industry legislation, combined with our expertise in auger screw manufacturing, to deliver our most advanced Screw Feeder to date. Many of the features are now included as standard in our screw feeders and have been developed in response to customer feedback. By listening to the needs of our clients and learning from hundreds of installations globally, we have designed an easy to clean Sanitary Screw Feeders to simplify everyday cleaning and maintenance tasks. These screw feeders are user-friendly, allowing operators with minimal training to perform maintenance efficiently.

Trantec quick-release Screw Feeders are ideal for applications requiring precision and reliability and are designed for sanitary material handling. Whether dealing with fine powders or coarse granules, Trantec provides solutions that enhance operational efficiency and product quality. We continue to innovate and adapt, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of the industry and meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Main Features

Our quick-release sanitary screw feeders are designed with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind, ensuring optimal hygiene and operational efficiency. This versatile feeder can accurately metering a wide range of bulk solids with varying characteristics, including powders, flakes, and granules. Whether the materials are free-flowing, sticky, or cohesive, the screw feeder delivers consistent and precise dosing.

Flexible in configuration, our screw feeders can be tailored to meet specific application needs. These options include a variety of screw designs to handle different material types and flow characteristics, diverse materials of construction to suit various operational environments, and a selection of additional accessories to enhance functionality and performance. This flexibility ensures that each system can be optimised for maximum efficiency, reliability, and compatibility with unique process requirements.

Driven by an independent motor, the screw feeder’s agitator is designed to prevent over-agitation, thereby preserving the integrity and quality of the product. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing cohesive or clumping materials that are prone to bridging or ratholing. The agitator gently stirs the material, ensuring a consistent bulk density and smooth flow.

The easy clean screw feeder is designed with captive hand wheels that allow for easy removal of the main front panel, granting quick access to the auger screw and agitator. This user-friendly feature simplifies routine inspections and servicing, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency.

Trantec’s quick-release screw feeder is meticulously constructed from high-grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and corrosion resistance and features full welding, with all internal welds ground to be crevice-free, eliminating potential sites for contamination and ensuring maximum hygiene. The standard surface finish is a bright brush 15Ra, providing a clean, smooth, and easy-to-maintain surface; however, for applications requiring the utmost of hygiene, we offer an optional 0.1 Ra mirror finish. Additionally, our sanitary feeders are designed with blue metal detectable gaskets throughout and PTFE-based, easily removable shaft seals for enhanced hygiene and maintenance efficiency. All removable parts are also autoclaved and dishwasher safe. 

Interchangeable extension hoppers provide additional storage capacity and can be easily removed without tools, making maintenance and reconfiguration straightforward. We manufacture hoppers in 10L, 25L, 50L, and 100L sizes as standard; however, custom sizes can be made upon request. This flexibility allows you to adapt quickly to changing production needs.

The machine is equipped with advanced contactless encoded safety interlock switches to ensure maximum operator safety. These high-precision switches are designed to automatically shut off power the moment any access parts are removed or opened. This intelligent safety feature effectively prevents accidental operation, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring that maintenance and operational tasks can be performed safely.

For enhanced accuracy, an optional weigh base can be included or retrofitted, offering advanced gravimetric-style continuous loss-in-weight controls. This system ensures precise material flow and consistency, whether you are performing continuous operations or one-shot runs. The weigh base is particularly beneficial for ingredient batching or recipe preparation, where accuracy is crucial for maintaining product quality.

By incorporating these advanced features, Trantec’s Quick-release, easy clean screw feeder ensures not only high performance and reliability but also prioritises user safety, ease of maintenance and hygeine. This makes our solutions ideal for demanding industrial environments where efficiency and safety are paramount. Book your free trial, including a video of how your product can be metered in our QR-Tec metering screw feeder.