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Tool-less quick-release Metering Screw Feeder

Drastically Reduces Downtime and Promotes Effortless Cleaning


Manufacturing businesses are frequently affected by downtime, due to machinery needing regular maintenance, cleaning, and product changeover which can seriously impact profit margins over time from having to pause production. Trantec’s quick-release, easy-clean features were developed to provide a cost effective solution that offers non-problematic cleaning and rapid dismantling of our metering screw feeders. The quick-release features drastically reduce downtime to less than five minutes for complete dismantling and under ten minutes for complete product changeover for all our screw feeders.

Other metering screw feeder manufacturers offer easy release mechanisms. However, the feeder body, also known as the conditioning section, generally remains in place. This can be problematic, making the cleaning process troublesome, taking longer than necessary and less thorough. Trantec’s quick-release design sets itself apart from others as the entire metering screw feeder product contact parts can be dismantled. The PTFE-based cartridge shaft seals can be easily removed in seconds, followed by the drive shafts for deep cleansing. Trantec’s quick-release design doesn’t require the use of tools and has made dismantling a screw feeder so simple that even an inexperienced operator could safely do so within minutes. 

Hygienic and robust in build, our hygienic screw feeders are constructed from 316 stainless steel and are designed for harsh and aggressive washdown environments.  Available with pharmaceutical 0.2Ra, or food-grade 240 grit polish finish with welds ground crevice free. All Trantec feeders are manufactured with removable parts that can be autoclave processed or dishwasher cleaned. To minimise downtime we also offer duplicate spare components which can be pre-cleaned, prepared and stored away from the production area, ready for the next material changeover.

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Part 1 - Strip Down

Part 2 - Reassembly


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