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Hygenic metering screw feeder

Engineered for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Benefits and Features

• Accurate dosing, minimal powder retention
• Designed for pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications

• Easily cleaned and dismantled without tools
• Crack and crevice-free construction with food contact-approved materials

Hygienic Metering Screw Feeder

From seasonings to calcium carbonate and a host of other bulk solids, as your partner, Trantec works hard to ensure you get the machine with the operational requirements you need.

With twenty-five years experience in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, we combine our knowledge of powder metering, food safety, and the latest legislation with our expertise in auger manufacturing to offer our most advanced Metering Screw Feeder yet. Many of the features now included as standard come as a result of listening to our customer’s requirements. Taking feedback from hundreds of installations worldwide, Trantec Sanitary Screw Feeders are designed to make everyday cleaning and maintenance tasks simple to implement by operators with minimal training.

Main Features At A Glance

Sanitary powder feeder, easily cleaned and maintained and capable of metering bulk solids of many characteristics, including powders, flakes and granules, whether free flowing or cohesive.

Independently driven product agitator to gently stir material and develop a consistent bulk density. Essential for accurate volumetric feeding.

With a wide range of interchangeable hygienic auger screws available, including “multi-start” and variable pitch flights and variable diameter core, fully machined from solid bar. Augers can be swapped in minutes and provide an even greater feed rate span without the need to change the front feeding tube. Machined augers are superior to fabricated screws or spirals and don’t carry welding stresses and the risk of cracking in use.

All product contact parts, including PTFE based shaft seals, can be removed without tools. Contactless encoded safety interlock switches power off the machine if access parts are removed, maintaining operator safety. Captive hand wheels provide easy access for removing the main front panel, giving access to the auger screw and agitator.

Autoclave and dishwasher safe with blue metal detectable gaskets throughout and PTFE based, easily removable shaft seals. Constructed in 304 or 316 stainless steel, fully welded with internal welds ground crevice free and a bright brush 15Ra finish as standard and 0.1 Ra mirror finish if requested.

Interchangeable extension hoppers give additional storage capacity and are also removable without using tools. An optional weigh base can be included or retrofitted, offering Gravimetric style continuous loss in weight controls as well as one-shot runs, ideal for ingredients batching or recipe preparation and enhanced accuracy.

Book your free trial, including a video of how your product can be metered in our QR-Tec metering screw feeder. 

Part 1 - Dismantling

Part 2 - Reassembly


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