Pharmaceutical Powder Handling Equipment

How Trantec serves the Pharmaceutical Industry

Trantec has designed and manufactured a range of materials for the Pharmaceutical industry. We provide the highest quality powder handling equipment for this industry and lead the way with our innovation.

We offer a range of different products for this market – Screw Feeders, Powder Samplers and Augers.

Due to strict legislation there are certain requirements that are put into place.

  • Complete containment of product – No bug traps and equipment must be completely air tight. This is to avoid cross contamination.
  • CIP and SIP (Clean-in-Place and Sterilise-in-Place).
  • Strict hygiene standards and regulations to be followed.
  • Stainless steel machinery must be used for the construction of the machinery.

Stainless Steel Screw Feeder

All Trantec pharmaceutical screw feeders are manufactured from 316 stainless steel and are welded with a ground crevice-free or mirror (0.2Ra) finish to ensure a contamination-free process be in place. You can find out more by visiting our screw meter feeder section on our website.

Stainless Steel Screw Feeder

Trantec have a separate division dedicated to manufacturing Pharmaceutical grade augers for feeders and filling machines. For more information, please visit or click here.

Dry powder handling using plastic cups