Micro Screw Feeder

Benefits and Features

  • Ultra-low feed rates
  • low power consumption
  • Hygienic, easy-clean design
  • Tabletop operation, compact footprint
  • Laboratory ready, straight from the box
  • Optional quick-release feature, for swift and easy dismantling.
  • Available crack and crevice-free with a (0.2Ra) polish for sanitary material handling.

Micro Feeding Process

Micro ingredient and low-dosing feeders require specialist machinery but share the same complications that larger solids metering feeders face. Trantec Micro feeder range takes proven feeding technology and applies it to the miniature world of ultra-low dosing of powders, flakes and granules.

Featuring auger screws as small as four millimetres in diameter, including multi-start flights, which offer accurate metering and steady flow at very low rotational speeds, Trantec micro feeders are highly versatile and compact in design. Product agitation and conditioning for cohesive powders are provided by an independently driven agitator or stirrer, giving variable speed or pulse running as required by your application.

Feed ranges to a few milligrams per hour; rising to many grams per hour is typical. Loss in weight, gain in weight, and gravimetric versions provide even greater accuracy and controllability. Refill of the compact feeder can be done manually or with a second volumetric screw feeder under the control of the micro feeder.

Trantec Micro batch feeders are manufactured using precision machined components produced in our factory. Our investment in the latest CNC machine tools keeps these micro feeders cost-effective whilst maintaining the highest quality levels and a minimal supply chain.