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Micro Feeder

Precision dosing, maximum efficiency

At a glance...

High precision and accuracy – Micro screw feeders ensure precise and reliable dosing by delivering precise quantities of materials.

Versatility – These feeders are versatile and can handle powders, grains, and granules. They are used in various industries, from food production to chemical processing.

Compact design – of micro screw feeders allows easy integration into existing systems, even in limited spaces, benefiting laboratory and small-scale production environments.

Durable and built to last – Manufactured from 316 stainless steel and meticulously machined from a solid billet, Trantec micro feeders are engineered to endure harsh environments while consistently delivering precise and reliable performance. 

Advanced control systems – Optional PLC integration allows precise feed rate adjustments, ensuring consistent material flow and minimising waste, which is crucial for maintaining high product quality.

Easy cleaning and maintenance – Featuring a quick-release mechanism facilitates faster maintenance and cleaning processes, leading to shorter downtime and improving overall productivity and efficiency.

What is a Micro Feeder?

A Micro Feeder is a device engineered to dispense small, controlled amounts of bulk materials such as powders, grains, and granules. These feeders are indispensable in applications requiring ultra-low dosing, typically ranging from a few milligrams to several grams per hour. Whether it’s dosing precise amounts of ingredients in food production or maintaining strict quality control in pharmaceutical applications, micro screw feeders play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and product integrity. Their ability to deliver accurate and consistent dosing makes them essential in various industries where even the slightest deviation in material quantity can impact the final product’s quality and performance.

How does a Micro Feeder work?

Like larger screw feeders, Micro feeders operate on the principle of an Archimedes screw, also known as an auger screw, a helical mechanism that can effectively regulate the flow of various materials, regardless of their diverse flow characteristics. The Auger screw operates within a specially designed hopper with angled walls that facilitate gravity-driven material flow. At the base of the hopper is a trough where the auger is housed. The auger is powered by a specialist stepper motor or servo motor, causing it to rotate. The benefit of using these types of motors is that our micro feeder can achieve exceedingly low feed rates as rotational speeds under one per minute can be achieved. As the auger turns, the material falls into the pockets formed by the screw flights and the hopper trough. the auger screw pushes the material along the length of the trough with every revolution, and the pocket of bulk solid advances by a distance proportional to the screw’s pitch. The rotational speed of the screw’s rotation can be adjusted to control the rate at which material is dispensed over time, while the diameter of the screw directly influences the flow rate, with larger diameters producing higher flow rates. 

An additional agitator is implemented for materials that are cohesive or prone to clumping. The micro feeder’s agitator is driven by an independent motor to avoid over-agitation, which can negatively impact product characteristics. Independently driven agitators provide superior control with variable speeds and adjustable timing, minimising excessive agitation and ensuring optimal material handling.

Advanced Controls

For advanced control, PLC desktop monitoring can be included or can be integrated into an existing control system. PLC desktop monitoring has significant benefits including, enhances the operational efficiency, reliability, and flexibility of the micro feeders, leading to improved production, other benefits include a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation and reduces the need for extensive training, enables precise control over feed rates, operational parameters, improving accuracy and consistency in material dispensing.

In summary, micro screw feeders are essential tools for industries that demand precise, controlled, and consistent dosing of small quantities of materials. Their advanced design and capabilities ensure that they meet the high standards needed for efficiency, product integrity, and overall quality across various applications and industries.


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