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What Is A Metering Screw Feeder?

A screw metering feeder or a volumetric feeder is specifically designed to meter dry material such as powders, flakes and granules. Trantec screw feeder devices usually consist of a rotating flight agitator and an independent geared motor drive. By changing the speed of its drive a Trantec feeder can easily control feed rate.

Metering feeders are well known to have a pulsating effect from the screw flight.

What is meant by a Throughput?

The throughput is simply the amount of material or items that pass through the screw feeder. So, in essence, the lighter the throughput, the more material passes through.

Used by many industries

We design and manufacture these machines for many industries – in particular, the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our equipment is constructed from high-quality stainless steel material and is modular in design. Trantec metering feeders also contain unique features that are able to process harsh materials – such as large particles and fine powders. This alone helps us to build machines that are fit for purpose and are able to provide solutions for many of these sectors. Every Trantec feeder that is designed and manufactured is able to achieve optimum performance and accuracy.

Stainless Steel Screw Feeder Design

Trantec feeders are manufactured in 316 stainless steel. This helps to withstand corrosion and chemical resistance. On top of that, the sanitary finish and mirror polishing also add a lot of depth to the quality of our products. The materials we use are EC and FDA approved. In regards to feed rates, our powder feeders are capable of doing 20 grams to 20 tonnes per hour. Furthermore, Trantec screw feeders consist of PTFE shaft seals which allow the feeders to withstand high temperatures.

How Trantec tackles challenging issues

One of the challenges posed by the Food processing and Pharmaceutical sectors is to prevent product contamination. One particular concern that has been highlighted is that during cleaning or dismantling of the machinery the use of gaskets has been called into question. Trantec tackles this issue by using special metal detectable blue Silicone throughout their machines. These elastomers are custom built and are manufactured in-house using the latest 3D printing technology.

All our equipment helps reduce downtime and we produce fast turnarounds for equipment cleansing, for all our customers. On top of that, our quick release features can be incorporated in all our metering feeder machines, which allow complete dismantling in less than 5 minutes. We have gone one step further by also including interchangeable parts that are pre-cleared.

Trantec is always focusing on developing their products and adding new features, to offer better accuracy and dosing.

Trantec is a leading manufacturer of screw feeders. We are innovators in this market and have customers all around the world that use our products.

Our M’ Series machines use the latest powder dosing technology to meet customer requirements. We are able to offer configuration for almost any application.

We understand one Metering Screw Feeder cannot always meet all customer requirements. Utilizing the latest powder dosing technology Trantec’s feeders can be quickly configured to meet the demands of any application.

Whilst modular in design, they are based on Trantec’s core powder metering technology without compromise to quality or build.

  • Quick Release/Easy Clean Features
  • A Variety of Motors
  • Variable storage capacities
  • Selection of Polishes and Finishes
  • Independently driven product agitator
  • In-house manufactured seals
  • Integrated Weighing Base & PLC Controls