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Loss in weight feeders - Gravimetric Feeder

Why are they so popular?

Trantec’s contribution to the bulk solids handling industry is demonstrated by their innovative technology. One of the most common types of screw feeder is the gravimetric feeder, which is also known as the Loss-In-Weight Feeder. These type of screw feeders directly measure and control to the process variable of flow rate and can fully contain the material within the confines of the feeder. As such, these types of screw feeder systems are either mounted on weight scales or suspended from load cells. 

What do Loss-In-Weight Feeders consist of?

Loss-In-Weight feeders usually come with a hopper and a feeder. The entire system can be continuously weighed. The simple process is that as the feeder discharges the material, the system weight declines. The material is usually discharged through a screw or an auger. 


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