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Leading Screw Feeder Manufacturers




Leading Screw Feeder Manufacturers, Since 1997

Trantec has been designing and manufacturing screw feeders since 1997. The first Volumetric screw feeder was manufactured back then and over the course of two decades a lot of time and effort has gone into creating advanced feeders, with notable features. Trantec’s screw feeders are considered the company’s core products and therefore, greater emphasis is placed on the quality of these products.


What is Different About Trantec Metering Feeders?

Trantec has heavily invested in their range of different screw feeders – offering both volumetric and gravimetric feeders. Both feeders have served their purpose over the years and play a big part in the development of future products. In recent years, Trantec have launched their M’Series feeders, that place greater emphasis on build and quality. These feeders are modular in design and are widely used by many industries in the Pharmaceutical and Food sectors.


Trantec Feeders – Features

Trantec screw feeders are equipped with quick-release easy-clean features that allow a person to clean and dismantle the feeder within 5-10 minutes. On top of that, these feeders are manufactured in stainless steel material which helps to prevent corrosion and allows the machines to be operated in adverse conditions by the use of special PFTE shaft seals.  Another element that adds to this is the sanitary finishing and mirror polishing and with the materials being EC and FDA approved this helps to restore complete faith in our products.


Which Industries benefit from our feeders?

Trantec serve a wide variety of different industries that benefit from our technology and the functionality of our feeders. The food and pharmaceutical industry are just to name a few that have access to our modular M’Series features. Since both industries have their own hygiene expectation our feeders contain features that process harsh materials. In the food industry product cross contamination is a big thing and plays a big part in how material such as crisps are processed. Pharmaceutical industries also benefit from our screw feeders. Since accuracy is a crucial aspect of these companies Trantec feeders are able to provide the solution for this. Moreover, Trantec’s “small feeders” or AKA “Nano Feeders” can also help tackle this issue.

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