Gravimetric Feeders

Gravimetric Feeders

Gravimetric Screw Feeder

Trantec also offers Gravimetric feeder systems. These are sometimes known as ‘Loss in Weight’ feeders. These consist of a weight system and a control scheme.

The main purpose of a Gravimetric screw feeder system is to discharge process material a controlled weight-based rate and must also meet three main requirements.

1. Material Handling

2. Weighing

3. Control

What is meant by a Gravimetric Feeder?

A Gravimetric Feeder’s main purpose is to weigh material to achieve a required feed rate.

Trantec are specialists when it comes to providing solutions for many industries within bulk solids handling. We are a leading screw feeder manufacturer and have contributed towards this by introducing specialist Powder Feeders.

This article will reveal exactly what is meant by a Gravimetric Powder feeder and how it can help many industries process materials.


The Name Gravimetric Feeder/Loss In Weight

There are different names associated with this type of feeder. However, despite this it is important to focus on the main benefits that are associated with this feeder. Since the main function of a Gravimetric feeder is batch size then one must also understand that this type of feeder is a closed loop. The latter controls the speed of device to control the feeder’s accuracy. In addition, Gravimetric feeders use real-time devices that focus on meter rate at a constant weight per unit of time. This weight is usually measured using a load cell.


How do these Feeders work?

The most popular type of Gravimetric feeder is the loss-in-weight feeder. This usually consists of a hopper and a feeder. As the material is discharged the system weight is reduced. The loss-in-weight controller controls the speed of the feeder. These feeders are useful for materials that vary in physical characteristics and they meter and control the rate of discharge regardless if the material changes or not.


Use of Gravimetric Feeders

These powder feeders can be utilised in many ways: continuous metering with control, wild flow and a batching feeder. These type of powder feeders are usually divided into two categories – continuous and batch. Furthermore, the feed accuracies vary.


4 Different Types of Gravimetric Screw Feeders

There are the most common types of Gravimetric Feeders

  1. Belt
  2. Screw
  3. Vibratory

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