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Food & Drink Handling Equipment

How does Trantec Serve the Food, Drinks & Confectionery Industries

Trantec metering screw feeders for the food, drinks and confectionery industries include unique features for easy cleaning and washing down. Developed over the past two decades by understanding our customer’s operational requirements, Trantec’s metering and dosing machinery solves many of the problems encountered in today’s food processing industries.  Materials of construction comply with all food contact regulations of the EC and FDA. Internal welds are crack and crevice-free as standard with all gaskets in blue, metal detectable silicone. Shaft seals are PTFE-based cartridge types offering food contact safety with easy dismantling for cleaning or replacement. The typical strip-down time for all parts of the screw feeder in contact with the product is only five minutes without the use of any tools, all removed parts can be dishwasher cleaned or autoclave processed. Trantec bulk solids feeder systems can include duplicate components which can be pre-cleaned and “hot-swapped” keeping down time to just minutes.

Examples Of Some Materials We Handle – Powders, Flakes, Granules (including; wheat, rice, oats, corn, and barley), Pellets, Puffed cereals, Flaked cereals, Puffed snacks, Ingredients, Seasonings/flavourings.

For more information on the types of material our equipment handles, head over to out materials handled page.

Benefits Of A Trantec Screw Feeder

• Clean-in-Place (CIP) configurations – Reducing downtime and saving precious time!
• Quick-release add-on – Strip your machine down in minutes without the need for tools.
• Sanitary construction – 304/316 stainless steel construction. Full traceability of construction materials available.
• Food grade polish finishes – Including crack crevice free and mirror (0.2Ra) finish.
• Gravimetric Feeders (Loss in Weight Feeder, Loss in Weight Batch System, and Gain in Weight Batch System) – Add an integrated weighing base and control system for added precision.
• Stainless motor upgrade.
• Food grade lubricants.
• Level detection probes.
• Metal detectable silicone gaskets blue or white.
• Integrated safety interlock & switches.
• Integrated sack or keg tip stations
• Cartridge shaft seals – Trantec introduces fixed, removable, and disposable seals (manufactured using food-contact approved material PTFE based).
• ATEX compliant construction – for potentially explosive environments.
• Feed rates from grams to tonnes per hour across a range of machines.

Auger Metering Applications

Auger selection is critical for many food batch preparation or continuous metering applications. Trantec have a division dedicated to auger manufacture and can select from standard, off the shelf screws or manufacture a custom flight arrangement to deliver the best screw feed auger for your products. For more information visit www.augers.co.uk 

Trantec powder feeders for food and drink applications are designed to meet EC and FDA food contact regulations. We monitor developments in food hygiene closely and include recommendations from industry standards bodies such as the ISO Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Machinery and the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) in our feeders.

Trantec offers a purposely designed range of metering feeders focused on the needs of the snack food flavouring industry. Flavourings for popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, tortilla chips, crisps and many more, have difficult flow and feed characteristics needing specialist knowledge.

Trantec provides a free Product Testing & Evaluation Service to confirm the suitability of our powder feeder with your product. Our clients can witness the trials first-hand, or we will email a video of the test along with a copy of the report.


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