Material Handling Equipment

How does Trantec Serve the Food, Drinks & Confectionery Industries

Trantec specialises in providing advanced metering and dosing solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the food industry. Our equipment is meticulously designed to uphold stringent hygiene standards, ensure precise dosing, and minimise downtime, helping food manufacturers maintain high productivity and exceptional product quality. 

To ensure that our feeders are perfectly suited to your specific application, Trantec offers a comprehensive, product testing & evaluation service. This service confirming the compatibility and effectiveness of our equipment with your materials and if required modifications can be made for unique applications for optimal performance.

Trantec equipment designed to meet EC and FDA food contact regulations, and include recommendations from industry standards bodies such as the ISO Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Machinery and the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) in our equipment.

Examples Of Some Materials We Handle – Powders, Flakes, Granules (including; wheat, rice, oats, corn, and barley), Pellets, Puffed cereals, Flaked cereals, Puffed snacks, Ingredients, Seasonings/flavourings.

For more information on the types of material our equipment handles, head over to out materials handled page.


Robust and Hygienic Construction – Trantec equipment is designed with smooth, non-porous surfaces to reduce contaminant accumulation. Sanitary construction, manufactured from 304 and 316 stainless steel with full traceability of construction materials available. Equipment is also equipped with food grade lubricants, metal detectable silicone gasket (blue or white) and easily removeable, food-contact approved PTFE based shaft seals. Stainless motor upgrade is also upgraded offering a sanitary, crevice-free, durable and conrosion resistant alternative suitable for food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Easy-clean, quick-release design – Machines can incorporates a Clean-in-Place (CIP) configuration and quick-release mechanisms that enable rapid, tool-less dismantling. The easy-clean polished surfaces and food-grade finish, including crevice-free welds, reduce downtime and ensure efficient cleaning. An optional mirror (0.2)ra finish is available for enhanced hygiene.

Durability and Reliability – Trantec equipment utilises high-quality materials, such as stainless steel 316, offering superior resistance to corrosion and chemicals. This extends the operational life of the equipment and reduces replacement costs. Known for its durability, stainless steel withstands significant mechanical stress and high temperatures, making it ideal for continuous food production and ensuring reliable, long-term performance.

Precision and Efficiency – Advanced dosing technologies and customised solutions ensure precise material handling and efficient production processes. Gravimetric feeders, including Loss-in-Weight and Gain-in-Weight batch systems, integrate weighing bases and control systems for added precision. Our manhine range can achieve feed rates from grams to tonnes per hour, accommodating a wide range of production needs.

Enhanced Safety – Trantec offers ATEX compliance models for potentially explosive environments. Integrated safety interlocks and switches, along with level detection probes, prevent overfilling and enhance operational safety. This comprehensive approach ensures that our equipment meets stringent safety standards while maintaining high performance.

Auger Metering Applications

Auger selection is critical for many food batch preparation or continuous metering applications. We can manufacture augers with bespoke flight arrangements to optimise the handling of different food products. Augers UK, a division of Trantec, is dedicated to manufacturing bespoke and replacement augers for all types of applications. This division serves a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical sectors, and caters to all brands of screw feeders, filling machines, and other auger-based machinery.

All food-grade augers feature an easy-clean, crevice-free design with a smooth brushed or mirror polish finish depending on the application requirments. These finishes helps prevent the accumulation of material build up and facilitates thorough cleaning, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

Constructed from solid bar stock of 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404) stainless steel, all augers are highly robust and capable of withstanding harsh and corrosive environments, ensuring a long-term solution, durable and resistance to both corrosion and mechanical stress.