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FIBC Discharger

Safe, dust-free unloading

At a glance...

Versatile – designed to handle various materials, including powders, granules, and pellets, making them suitable for multiple industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and plastics.
Food-grade seals for handling sanitary materials – Made from FDA-approved materials such as metal-detectable silicone, which is resistant to microbial growth, these seals ensure a high level of hygiene for food, pharmaceutical, and other sanitary applications.
Robust construction – Built with durable materials to withstand the demands of industrial environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Secure bag handling – FIBC dischargers are equipped with mechanisms to securely lift and hold the bulk bags in place during discharge, ensuring stability and safety.
Sanitary material handling version – Enables non-problematic cleaning, with all contact parts crevice-free, to prevent material buildup and contamination.
Problem-free complete discharging – An external vibrator or massaging device is implemented to aid the discharging of materials prone to bridging.
Dust Control – Option glovebox and integrated screen or access hatch with airtight seals for comfortable dust-free untying of FIBCs
Proof load-tested forklift Lifting frame (cruciform) – Ensures that the lifting frame can safely handle the maximum rated load without risk of failure.
Split frame design is available – Enables the discharger to be assembled and installed in position, making it ideal for facilities with low ceilings or congested installations where a standard one-piece frame would be impractical.

Bulk Bag Unloading

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) discharge stations are among the most cost-effective discharging methods for intermediate bulk containers and are widely used across many industries, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics. Dischargers are exstremely popular because they are compatible with a wide range of handling equipment such as volumetric and Gravimetric feeders, alongside flexible screw conveyors, and can be fed straight into a wide range of applications. At Trantec we supply integrated packages, allowing us to provide cliets with  Discharging of the FIBC in a safe and controlled manner is best achieved with specialist equipment.

Trantec FIBC dischargers focus on the complete discharge of bulk bags under controlled conditions while maintaining complete safety. Our bulk bag dischargers are manufactured from heavy-duty materials and components and are available in a range of different finishes, for example, stainless steel polished or powder-coated. The product’s flow properties, and application specifications, determine the FIBC dischargers configurations. Our dischargers are suitable for both free and poor-flowing materials, and can be supplied either standalone or in multiples. In addition, Trantec dischargers are flexible in design and tailored to fit a variety of bulk bag sizes including, including, single trip bags, spouted, conical, disposable, and more. This is achieved by including a simple, easily adjustable height frame. 

With powdered materials, there is a potential risk of dust being introduced into the facility atmosphere. Trantec’s bulk bag discharge system promotes dust-free unloading. We achieved this by using rubber membrane dust seals, a dust containment box, or other components such as an iris valve and connection to a dust collection system. For materials that tend to become airborne, we manufacture a range of dischargers that implement integrated screens for full product containment. Trantec also manufactures a range of Portable dischargers, including a forklift lifting frame attachment and or lockable swivel wheels and an easy-grip handle for easy mobililty.


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