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FIBC Dischargers

FIBC Dischargers – Big Bag Filling 

The use of big bags provides ample opportunities to pack bulk materials in an economical, hygienic and safe way. This also offers logistics advantages, especially with regards to re-use, cleaning, waste and/or volume reduction before filling and after emptying. In chemical plants, the food and feed industry and in the pharmaceutical sector, critical products are packed in big-bags. As the demands and specifications for packaging become more stringent or extensive, the filling system has to be adapted.

With the selection of the appropriate filing concept, the use of the necessary modules is of crucial importance to have the means to flexible, hygienic, dust-free, efficient and economical fill big-bags, whereby a stable and clean big-bag is very important.

Powder Dosing 

With every fil, some sort of dosing system needs to be used. There are two ways of feeding: through a weighing bunker/hopper or straight into the big-bag. Feeding through a hopper is very fast and often used at higher capacities. With direct feeding, the big-bag is weighed and filled on the pallet or hanging. Types of feeding equipment are various; dosing slide or valve, dosing screw, belt chain, vibrating feeder with valve or dosing lock with small pockets.

Before filling a big-bag, it is useful (from 1.5m3) to pre-shape the bag with air or specific inert asses (for example, carbon dioxide or nitrogen). So, the bag is already formed into its final shape, which also secures proper filing of the corners.

This method is used in the food industry to increase shelf life (CO2) or when there is a risk of explosion.

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