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Feeder Meter Meaning

Feeder Meter Meaning 


Trantec is a leading provider of powder handling equipment to the bulk solids handling industry. Equipped with innovative, technological facilities Trantec’s main expertise is in screw feeders.  It is this innovation that has enabled Trantec to become a leading screw feeder manufacturer. This article will examine what is meant by feeder meters and how Trantec leads the way.

Trantec provides a powerful suite of different screw feeders that grant their customers a variety of ways to successfully extend their businesses. As specialists in screw feeders, Trantec has managed to set the boundary. Using experience and knowledge from volume production processes, Trantec operates a dedicated fast-turn design and manufacturing facility, using sophisticated computer equipment.

The company also offers different types of metering feeders – from Gravimetric feeders (loss-in-weight feeder) to Volumetric feeders. Recently, Trantec introduced its M-Series range of feeders that are equipped with eye-catching components that allow quick release and easy cleaning. Since more and more companies require product customisation Trantec offers to add on components for its M’ series range.

Trantec’s customers are granted an added degree of confidence knowing that Trantec will be there with them the entire way. This is reflected in Trantec’s firm commitment in offering to do FREE test trials for materials.

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