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Throughout the past century, environmental experts have been working together to find ways to combat significant industrial and societal water-related challenges and have found solutions to help tackle them. Safe, sustainable chemicals which are as eco-friendly as possible are essential in helping to sustain the current drinking water and wastewater treatment levels, playing a crucial role in our daily lives. This is where WTW (water treatment works) and WWTP (wastewater treatment plants) come into play. Water treatment is the name given to any process which removes contaminants to make it suitable for a specific end-use like drinking. WTW transforms raw water into drinking water for human consumption and for producing food, pharmaceuticals, and other essential products.

In comparison, WWTP removes pollutants, parasites, viruses, and chemicals from wastewater before releasing it back into a body of water to prevent further pollution and detrimental environmental consequences. Water becomes wastewater when there are changes to its composition or quality and is divided into two categories, sewage water and industrial wastewater. Sewage water is from domestic dwellings such as toilets, sinks, and showers, and industrial wastewater is originated from medical, domestic, commercial, agricultural, and transport activities. 

Trantec and the water sector

For nearly three decades, we have been working closely with the water sector, supplying them with bespoke, fit-for-purpose equipment to meter, dose, weigh and convey dry bulk solids into water and wastewater processes. From screw feeders to flexible conveyors and sack tip stations to bulk bag dischargers, we’ve got you covered. All Trantec equipment is manufactured to provide 100% functionality and trouble-free integration into your exciting system.

Trantec engineers hold a lifetime’s worth of experience in the design and manufacturing of material-handling equipment and have extensive knowledge surrounding material variants, properties, and characteristics, giving us the edge in producing specialist equipment suited to all kinds of applications. The dedication, time, and research committed to making our equipment is reflected in our products which boast a superior build and unmatchable quality. Consequently, Trantec equipment is known worldwide, deployed across the globe, not only in the water sector but in the plastic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, to handle materials in pellet, powder, gain, granular, and flake forms. 

At Trantec, we manufacture a range of volumetric, gravimetric, and micro screw feeders suitable for both free-flowing and non-free-flowing chemicals and available in many finishes from weld as laid to crevice-free to suit endless dosing applications. Optional customisable features are available to enhance our feeders, including quick-release mechanisms for rapid dismantling, easy-to-clean parts suitable for autoclaving, and mobile/caster packages for swift moveability of our machinery. 

Recently we supplied several pieces of equipment to one of our clients in the water sector, which included volumetric screw feeders and multiple flexible screw conveyors for handling and dosing powder-activated carbon. Activated carbon is frequently used in water treatment due to its highly absorbent, large porous area, which adsorbs natural and organic compounds, odour and taste compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals. 

Examples of other solids typically dosed within the
water treatment sector

• Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
• Sodium hydroxide (pH correcting)
• Magnesium oxide
• Ion exchange resin
• Barium carbonate
• Dye powders
• Pulverised fly ash
• Hydrated Lime
• Powdered or granular chemicals
• Dry polymer
• Clay feed
• Anthracite
• Sodium bicarbonate (pH correcting)

In addition, we commonly deploy FIBC dischargers and sack tip stations in conjunction with flexible screw conveyor systems to unload and transport chemicals into the water and wastewater treatment process. With optional features available to minimise downtime and maximise safety and hygiene. To list a few, we supply our flexible screw conveyors with quick-release safety switches on the clamp flanges and motor adapter for safe and rapid removal of the tube and spiral. Trantec FIBC dischargers can be connected to a dust collection system, have integrated screens for complete containment of airborne-prone chemicals, and can be supplied with an adjustable heightened frame to facilitate a wide range of bulk bag sizes and types. Split frame dischargers are also available upon request to accommodate low-headroom spaces. Additional features for our sack tip stations can include interlocking swivel wheels (caster package), empty sack disposal spigot or dust extraction spigot and an interlocking safety door and switch to promote safe, dust-free uploading of sacks and boxes. Furthermore, we manufacture our sack tip stations, FIBC dischargers, and screw feeders from polished stainless steel for sanitary applications and implement PTFE seals for optimum hygiene.

For further information on any of our products, head over to the relevant product page for a complete list of benefits and features; alternatively, if you have any queries, email a member of our team at or give us a call on 01282 777566 to speak with an engineers.

Flue Gas Desulfurization

Many flue gas scrubbing applications use a metering screw feeder to dose treatment powders. Powder activated carbon (also known as activated charcoal) is a common method of treatment for exhaust flue gases. More specifically, activated carbon is used for treating the sulphur dioxide (SO2) that is created from the incineration process, whether from cremators or fossil-fuel powder plants.

Trantec’s Gravimetric Feeder is equipped with a Reagent Cabinet. The feeding equipment was manufactured after being approached by a Europe-based cremator and incineration equipment manufacturer. Their application involved dosing activated charcoal, as part of a cremator incineration process.

Taking on the challenge, Trantec set out to design a Gravimetric Feeder that not only was able to achieve the customer’s desired requirements but but was manufactured with precision and ease.

Integrating a load transducer weighing base, using four load cells, the reagent cabinet was to be operated using continuous loss-in-weight configurations. It is controlled by our client’s own pre-existing control systems, although Trantec can supply PLC-based controls for any Gravimetric Feeder.


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