Trantec and the Enviromental Industries

Trantec has worked closely with environmental companies, for over two decades. Our metering screw feeders can be found in the fields of water treatment and flue gas scrubbing.

Our powdering screw feeders are used by many environmental companies for their precision and removing pollutants from either the air or water.

The great thing about our screw feeders is that they are 100% modular in design , offering customisable features (to be added in request).


Flue Gas Desulfurization

Many flue gas scrubbing applications use a metering screw feeder to dose treatment powders. Powder activated carbon (also known as activated charcoal) is a common method of treatment for exhaust flue gases. More specifically, activated carbon is used for treating the sulphur dioxide (SO2) that is created from incineration process, whether from cremators or fossil-fuel powder plants.

Trantec’s Gravimetric Feeder is equipped with a Reagent Cabinet. The feeding equipment was manufactured upon after being approached by a Europe-based cremator and incineration equipment manufacturer. Their application involved dosing powder activated carbon, as part of a cremator incineration process.

Taking on the challenge, Trantec set out to design a Gravimetric Feeder that not only was able to achieve the customer’s desired requirements but but was manufactured with precision and ease.

Integrating a load transducer weighing base, using four load cells, the reagent cabinet was to be operated using continuous loss-in-weight configurations. It is controlled by our client’s own pre-existing control systems, although Trantec can supply PLC-based controls for any Gravimetric Feeder.

Trantec supplies various different metering screw feeders to water treatment facilities.

Water treatment is the name given to any process that removes contaminants from water. The treatment transforms raw water into produce water for human consumption without any risk of sickness or adverse health issues.

A Volumetric Feeder will be often employed to accurately dispense powdered material. Gravimetric Feeders and dissolving feeders are also occasionally used but are less common. The powder is either directly applied or will be used to create a slurry.

Trantec’s Metering Screw Feeders will typically use one of the following treatment methods:

  • Powder activated carbon/activated charcoal.
  • Hydrated lime feed/slaking.
  • Dry polymer.
  • Clay feed.
  • Sodium bicarbonate (pH correcting).
  • Sodium hydroxide (pH correcting)