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Trantec’s Featured People – Matt

Apprenticeships are important for a wide variety of reasons. Here at Trantec, we value the contribution of our apprentices as key members of our company.

We recently hired an apprentice several months ago and the impact this has had on the company has been positive. But what is it really like to work as an apprentice? I caught up with Trantec’s apprentice, Matt to find out…

What is your Job Role at Trantec?

“I am the apprentice for Trantec and I work alongside other fellow engineers to contribute towards the production of machinery and equipment.”

How long have you been at Trantec?

“So currently, it has been just over 6 months and I am enjoying every aspect of my job!..”

What have you learnt so far?

“I have gained quite a lot of knowledge of turning and milling, CNC set ups and parts and I have also a good basic knowledge of engineering.”

What are your Hobbies/Interests?

“Like watching and playing football. I am a huge Blackburn Rovers fan! I also like socialising and spending time with my girlfriend”.

What is your long-term career goal?

“My long-term goal is to be a fully qualified CNC engineer and one day set up my own business.”

In what ways do you find our work rewarding?

“I’ve found that doing an apprenticeship has prepared me well for my next career steps. I feel that I have an advantage of other people my age as I am already experienced within 6 months within a working environment. I like to solve problems and find a solution. Furthermore, I have the support of my colleagues and I enjoy working in a lively environment”.

What advice would you give to any young person, thinking of becoming an engineer?

“I would say work hard and listen to people that are more experienced than you. In my current role I am being trained on a range of different areas and I enjoy every aspect of this. Nothing comes easy without hard work!”


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