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Trantec’s M’ Series Powder Feeders

Bulk Solids Handling – Trantec’s M’ Series Powder Feeders

Excellent accuracy and a high degree of control are just two of the benefits of Trantec screw feeder machines. This, along with eye-catching, stainless steel components, adds a degree of reliability to the feeders. The company has played a big part in the solids and bulk handling industry for over two decades. With a firm eye on innovation and growth, they have become one of the leading manufacturers of screw feeders.

Trantec’s M’ Series metering feeders is part of a brand-new line for handling materials in all areas of bulk solids. The screw feeder as specially adapted for use for additional features and upgrades. The new range of feeders is fitted with a feeder body ad a rotating agitator and variable control functions. On top of this, the machine is comprised of variable control functions. The role of the agitator is to manipulate the product towards a uniform density and to break any bridges that may form in the feeder body.

The M’ series screw feeder easily achieves its performance accuracy target of +1% to +2% typically. Trantec has also praised the ease with the equipment can be cleaned. The screw feeder, which is also designed to prevent product contamination contains easy-clean features that save time and effort. Operators are able to assemble and reassemble the screw feeder in just five minutes. This adds a degree of efficiency and is also a contributing factor in reducing downtime.

Absolute process accuracy is paramount at Trantec’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. The feeders are equipped with a range of different motors to suit the varying levels of speed. The AC 3 phase motors are available as a standard device, whilst the DC motors are for slower speeds. But the real benefit for maximum accuracy, precision and control is through the servo motors. The feeders are also integrated with weighing base and PLC controls.

For more information on Trantec’s M-Series metering feeders then head over to www.trantec.net.

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