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About Us

Trantec was founded in 1997

About Us

Trantec is a leading provider of powder handling equipment to the bulk solids handling industry, providing solutions for metering, dosing, weighing, filling and conveying. With a highly experienced and skilled team, we have specialists covering all aspects of powder material handling, that includes metering feeders, flexible screw conveyors and Stainless-steel augers.

Being independent means that we are not tied to any one equipment manufacturer or supplier, so we can provide you with the most suitable solution for your material needs. Our engineers are highly skilled and are very practical when it comes to meeting the client’s needs.

We offer a first-class professional service, successfully competing against the largest bulk solid organisations in the world. We work to establish ourselves as a trusted partner, with our family business style approach, which enables us to retain clients across many different sectors. Our success is only possible due to the excellent staff we employ.

Having established for over two decades, we have embraced technological developments so that we continue to provide the best levels of support and service to our customers. This, in itself, helps to give the company stability, commitment and growth. At Trantec, we understand the importance of innovation and managing capital expenditure. With our team of specialists, we can design and manufacture metering screw feeders to the highest quality.

Our experience and know-how give us the flexibility to respond precisely to our customer’s requirements, tailoring a bespoke solution each time. We strive to ensure that operational efficiency, reduced downtime and compliance are met, whilst achieving financial savings.

True efficiency requires continuous attention; it is no use just designing and manufacturing the screw feeder; we have to ensure that it stays as efficient as possible over its working life.

Every Trantec powder feeder is unique and, irrespective of size or design, all systems have optional add on components that can ensure improved performance and therefore minimise the risk of product contamination.

As a critical element of any business using screw feeder machines, the importance of maintaining the equipment cannot be underestimated.

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History of Trantec

The first Volumetric Feeder was introduced in 1997. The following year, the Loss-In-Weight screw feeder was introduced.

Since then, we have grown from strength to strength. We have continued to provide the market with robust, modular, and exceptional machinery.

We are constantly evolving and adding new, innovative features to our product feeders. 



Our Mission Statement

Our aim is simple – meet the needs of the constantly, evolving bulk solids handling industry.

It is our mission to efficiently revolutionize innovative processes such that we may continue to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.

We stick by our motto of delivering excellence & Innovation.



Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a complete solution to your needs. We strive to maintain a good relationship with our customers, whilst making sure that our customer service provides the platform to help address any issues.


We are located in Bacup, Lancashire. The full address is:

Four Lane Ends, 

Stacksteads, Bacup


OL13 0TB

T: 01282 777566



Company Address:

Four Lane Ends, 

Stacksteads, Bacup


OL13 0TB

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