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Why choose a Trantec screw feeder?

Trantec Solids Handling is a leading screw feeder manufactuer in the UK. The beauty of our screw feeders is that they have unqiue features that are eye-catching and provide quick solutions for complicated problems. This article will examine the reasons why you should invest in a Trantec powder feeder.

Reduced Downtime

One of the most important requirements from customers is to have a reduced downtime. Trantec feeders provide the ultimate solution for this with the inclution of quick-release, easy-clean features that save a lot of time and effort when dismantling your screw feeder.

Skilled To All Industries

Trantec feeders are suitable for all types of industries, especially in food and pharmaceutical. The added benefits of Trantec’s metering screw feeders enable companies in this sector to take advantage of all the different features. One of the main challenges is to avoid cross-contamination, and therefore, our screw feeders have features that help to combat this issue.

Maintenance Kept to a Minimum

Another reason why is it worth investing in a Trantec screw feeder is that there are just one or two moving parts – the auger screw and the optional agitator. This allows inexperienced operators to safely dismantle the entire screw feeder down to its simplest components.

Robust in design, manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel

Trantec screw feeders also offer excellent levels of corrosion resistance. For this reason, our feeders are built using 316 stainless steel material and can withstand ambient conditions. Furthermore, the feeders are equipped with specially designed PTFE shaft seals that make this possible.

Rapid Dismantling of our feeder in under 5 minutes!

Trantec feeders are modular in design and the way they are built allow operators to disassemble and reassemble the entire feeder in under 10 minuets. Where speed is a significant factor, we have successfully implemented solutions that will enable even inexperienced operators to do this without any issue.

Free, comprehensive product testing service to all clients

Trantec Solids Handling offers a FREE, comprehensive product testing service to all our clients. Upon completion of this, Trantec will detail their findings and recommendations into a report. If you would like to enquire on any of our range of different screw feeders then call now on 01282 777566. Our team will assist you in making the right decision and find a suitable solution that meets your objectives.


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