Worldwide Delivery

Specialists In Metering Screw Feeders

Handling Solutions For Ingredent Preperation & Batching Systems

Custom Made Equipment 

Manufactured Within The UK

Precision Powder Metering Using Our Innovative Technology

Accurate dosing – Precise and constant feed rates, accuracies at +/- 1%

Adjustable feed rates – From grams to tonnes per hour

Versatility – Handles various materials from powders to pellets and more

Hygienic options – Crevice-free surfaces

Robust construction – Exstended Lifespan

Flexibility – loss-in-weight and gain in weight processes


High Precision – Optional Weight-based system ensures exact material dosing

Control and Monitoring – Eliminating the risk of over or under-feeding

Adaptability – Integrated into excisting processing line

Application type – Feeding, dosing, metering, ingredient batching systems

Durability – Constructed from stainless steel varients

Precise dosing – Fraction of a gram per hour

Feild of application – From pharmaceutical to food processing

Flexibility – loss-in-weight and gain in weight versions with controls

Hygienic options – easy-clean, mirror finish

Compact Design – Benefiting laboratory and small-scale productions

Versatility – Meters various materials from powders to pellets

Minimal Downtime – Toolless rapid dismantling reduced down to minuets 

Adaptability – Easily Integratable into excisting system

Consistant Dosing – Precise and constant feed rates

Application type – Feeding, metering, batch weighing and dosing applications

Versatility – Meters various materials from powders to pellets and more

Trantec Solids Handling Limited stands at the forefront of manufacturing material handling equipment, renowned globally for exceptional products tailored to the bulk solids sector. For over two decades, we have continuously pursued excellence through research and development, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine industry standards.

Our comprehensive range includes metering, dosing, weighing, filling, and conveying machinery, often designed to meet unique client needs, delivering unparalleled precision and reliability. At Trantec, we understand the diverse requirements of industries from plastics to pharmaceuticals and cater to both large corporations and dynamic SMEs. Our solutions ensure unwavering quality and efficiency, backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.